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Does anyone have the mp4 files for the eng subbed version of One Pound Gospel episodes 4 and 7? Where I found them at MF 1 works for both but MF 2 for each doesn't work, and those are the only two I'm missing.
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Does anyone have working files for Koki's drama "Tenshi ga Kieta Machi" the subbed version? Not all the files work on JOR and the only other place I found it has files that don't work and aren't compatible with the JOR working files. I really want to watch this but I didn't think to to grab it when MU was still around.  teardrop heartbreak
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Kame on the set of his new drama Bemu with his camera...ENJOY!!

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Does anyone know where I can download Koki's drama Neverland subbed version with the full file(s) links? I found the split file links on JOR but I like to avoid split links if possible as they are a pain to deal with.

A chibi Kame pic and KoKame gif (shamelessly hijacked from redina) just for the hell of it ^^

Even as chibis...Kame didn't mind being pinned to a wall by koki {snort}

Though I'm not quite sure what the deal is with Kame's 'deer in the head lights' look. {snort}

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Does anyone know where I can watch Rikon Syndrome with English subs?


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