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This needs to be clearer.....


This needs to be bigger and at a different angle....

GaleandRandy cuddling on sofa

Nice ninja shot!

Gale and Randy fan shot
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Okay not my usual graphics but...who cares! It's my journal XD

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I'm supposed to be working on a fic but....why the hell not! lol

~ Comment with "Hit me!"
~ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
~ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
~ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Questions by: sugiex

1. U.S.A. The country yes, my government...NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! LOL  I want to move so badly and to Japan at that...Koki's there ^_^ 

2. I hate you for this question lol Anoo....To be good at those sport video games. Because I adherently suck at the dumb things.

3. I had sushi once, It was from the grocery store and I liked it. But I want the kind you get in a real Japanese restaurant.

4. *evil grin*  I'd make Koki and Kame tongue each other on air for a whole 2 minutes ( OTP ^^)  I'd torture poor maru with another bungee stunt and make Junno go against Ueda in a sparring match.

5. Again....I hate you lol  Cares about others, loves animals ( puppies make me melt) and I love Kat-tun and especially Koki.

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Saw this at the Kohls where my sister works and it reminded me of Kame's daughter Ran-chan. :-) dog necklace


Jul. 19th, 2012 05:14 pm
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I was finally able to get my....Kame necklace XD

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Does anyone have the mp4 files for the eng subbed version of One Pound Gospel episodes 4 and 7? Where I found them at MF 1 works for both but MF 2 for each doesn't work, and those are the only two I'm missing.
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Apr. 30th, 2012 02:08 am
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Does anyone have the Eng subbed version of Kat-tun's Queen of Pirates concert? JOR has the ipod subbed version, except file 05 was missing and I was wanting to watch it.
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Loving the pink/black glove, Baby! My Hubby so happy to help his boyfriend Kame-chan heart1 thumbsup

I love his smile!! heart1

Such a helpful Nii-chan to Juri thumbsup

Credits to redina who without her...I wouldn't have these XD heart1:DD:DD
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Question: Does anyone have a pic of Kame's dog Jerri-chan?

Vampyre Kame knowingly bites Koki this time XD

Kame looks at Koki wondering what the icing would taste like, being licked off of Koki's body *pervy grin*

When Koki is still Koki but doesn't look like himself at all! LOL!!

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I want this show with subs please XD. ( Koki + tea party= amusement)

His calming smile just for the hell of it XD

Credit for screen shots are on the pics themselves. Not mine XD
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Just for the hell of it....CHAIN!KOKI

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Koki at MousePeace XD

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Anyone know or remember what show this was on?

*pic not mine*
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Does anyone remember what episodes of CKT these are from and if they where subbed?

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I love this prime ape <3 momo-chan<3

Prairie Dogs are just adorable <3 Pu-chan <3

Foxes are just....can I have one? <3 Ann-chan <3

These cute kids have such a good looking daddy ^_^

* the pics of three of Koki's pets came from a google search, these ARE NOT the shots that were entrusted to me*
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Another product of my boredom and playing with photo shop.

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