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May. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Does anyone have the Shounen Club performance part for Hoshikuzu No Spangles? it was on 11.21.2004, need MF link. JOR only had dead mu link. If anyone has the whole ep hard subbed that would be great too but I at least need the performance part of KT"s.


Apr. 30th, 2012 02:08 am
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Does anyone have the Eng subbed version of Kat-tun's Queen of Pirates concert? JOR has the ipod subbed version, except file 05 was missing and I was wanting to watch it.
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Anyone remember what episodes of SC these was from and if they're subbed?

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KAT-TUN XD ( now that that's out of the way....on to my other point of this post)

I was bored so I decided to play with some filters and borders on photoscape and this happened XD

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bonus 5nin pic w/Kame protecting Koki's "ferret" )


Feb. 29th, 2012 07:41 pm
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Does anyone know where these is from and if there's subbed versions?

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Does anyone remember what episodes of CKT these are from and if they where subbed?

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I punched in "Koki Tanaka Star Rider" on google images and found these chibi shots. lol

*found Maru's pic*

*just found Ueda's pic*

Class pic

Dec. 12th, 2011 07:03 pm
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Guess who's class pic this is and can you find him?

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does anyone have a copy of this episode of 2006.05.14 [Utawara] KAT-TUN Showa BiJin ( the english subbed version). Also Koki's movie Colorful with subs are great but the raw is fine too. The links on JOR are either deleted or not working.
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I had this whole interview on my computer and I lost it somehow, it was the subbed version. Now I can't find it. Help please?

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Okay so since my memory fails me at the moment, does anyone remember what ep of CKT this is?

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Never touch an assassin's boyfriend or you'll pay with your life:

What the members really thought after watching a paper air plane fly

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Anyone know where I can find this:  2010.11.13 Zoom In Saturday? I had thought I down loaded it to my computer but I was wrong.
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Somehow the dancing fits with the song *shrugs*
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Does anyone know what show this is from and where I can find the whole thing with Eng subs?

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Anyone know which concert this is from?

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I found this and wanted to share it, ne..ENJOY!!

I enjoyed this episode of CKKT alot for some strange reason,lol

clickitty click to see their results )

I am not all that surprised by KoKame's results and I just LOL'd at Maru's and Jin's. Whereas Ueda's and Junno's didn't come as all that great of a shock to me {snort}  Comments are welcomed and loved by the residents of this pages---> KoKame :)


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