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I made this Koki one on my ipod. XD

Koki )

The Two Kame ones I made for a friend since she wanted a new Kame wallie.

Kame 1 )

Kame 2 )
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Does anyone have the mp4 files for the eng subbed version of One Pound Gospel episodes 4 and 7? Where I found them at MF 1 works for both but MF 2 for each doesn't work, and those are the only two I'm missing.
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I haven't done a macro in a long while and when I saw this Koki pic on tumblr....the look in his inspired me as only Koki can do. XD

I made this Kame graphic a while ago:

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TURTLE-CHAN!! Why are you so kawaii?!! 

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Made from boredom.

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Look what's now in the oxford dictionary.

Amusing no? )

My Kame macro:

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The days that when you're asked repeatedly how you are and you haven't figured it out yet, you're just like:

{gif credit goes to hanimstarz. from her tumblr page}

KoKame bonus )
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Kame's protectiveness of Koki is extreme

Koki is an angel among demons
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What a fine specimen of its species...and I don't mean the horse ^^

Another example here:

His trainer/handler who isn't so bad looking himself either:

Okay this one was just adorable not to add:

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poor Kame!! )
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Kame on the set of his new drama Bemu with his camera...ENJOY!!

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Rumor mill on the set DBS is that Kame hurt his leg and was seen dragging ( limping) it across the stage and didn't even use it during his acrobatic stunt. He could stand on his leg but he couldn't really put much weight on it. IF Kame did hurt his leg ( a very BIG if mark you) it sounds more like a muscle strain than anything else.
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Koki's not going to even bother trying to hide his loving look at his boyfriend ...uh Chan-Kame ^^

Koki doesn't want to share with Maru...DENIED!! Poor Maru!! LOL!!

Gifs aren't mine, got them from a tumblr site. So if anyone knows who's these are let me know so I can assign credit accordingly. ^_^


Sep. 7th, 2011 12:35 pm
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Does anyone have an idea of where and when this pic was taken?

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I saw Kame's expression in this pic and....

End result ^^
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Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Anyone know where this is from?
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I will probably do a longer version of this video at some point, but enjoy the short version, ne

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