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Out of my boredom came this KoKame wallie ^_^

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Anyone remember when and what show this is from?

Also does anyone know if SC: 2006.07.02 was ever subbed and where I can download it at?

New Wallie

Jun. 6th, 2012 10:26 pm
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KoKame XD

Apr. 20th, 2012 02:30 am
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I made this a while ago and just got around to posting this, lol.

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Question: Does anyone have a pic of Kame's dog Jerri-chan?

Vampyre Kame knowingly bites Koki this time XD

Kame looks at Koki wondering what the icing would taste like, being licked off of Koki's body *pervy grin*

When Koki is still Koki but doesn't look like himself at all! LOL!!

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bonus 5nin pic w/Kame protecting Koki's "ferret" )
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Anyone know or remember what show this was on?

*pic not mine*

KoKame XD

Feb. 16th, 2012 03:15 pm
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Preview Orisuta 2012.02.27
(c) on pictures.
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KoKame being KawaII XD

Is it wrong that I can stare at this all day? LOL!

*Gifs aren't mine. Credits to the original owners*

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KoKame SR wallie or something LOL!

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Made from boredom.

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The sanity of some Akame fans amuse me. Just b/c your pairing was never allowed to do this:

That doesn't mean that altering a pic to make this:

then try to claim its Akame evidence when its clearly not.

Now I'm not saying ALL Akame fans do this but there are some that do, and to those that don't alter images I don't mean to offend you guys as I get along with alot of you.
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Out of my love for my OPT and my boredom came this:

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Yeah its late I know...blame windows not me, the dumb program kept acting up on me. >.<

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So a conversation with a friend about her husband, his cell phone, their nephew and a line from a smurfs dvd brought this gif to mind *posted this before*

Koki told Kame to: "smurf me good and smurf me hard"

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First of let me give a B-day shout to a guy who is not only the best rapper EVER!! But he's also more special to me than anyone on the planet for reasons that are personal.


My Angel ^^

My KoKame jewelry. The ring I bought today ( I have a silver just like the green one) and the necklace came a week ago:

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My KoKame Halloween wallie

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Kame! Can't you wait until the guest leaves BEFORE you start flirting with your hubby Koki {snort}


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