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KoKame being KawaII XD

Is it wrong that I can stare at this all day? LOL!

*Gifs aren't mine. Credits to the original owners*

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Okay since I fail at finding things lately, does anyone have a link for this-----> 2011.04.16 smaSTATION (Kame, Koki). Eng subs preferred but the raw version is fine as well.
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I got part way through that chapter 4 and then I got stuck again, dammit! LOL anyways...onto the pics shall we....:DD


Only because its fluffy....:DD

pic spam

Jan. 24th, 2011 12:25 am
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Gackt and hyde....just b/c I can.:DD

KoKame, Gackt and Hyde:

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I soooo can not stop watching this video

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I was bored and wanted to try a graphics I's the result...comments make KoKame cuddle more.

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I was bored so I made this as a result.....enjoy.

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Out of my boredom desire to get the first four right this was the result.

Nakamaru being bullied,lol...

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Since I have a tendency to go by what day it is in Japan...HAPPY B-DAY KOKI!!!

I made this in honor of  his birthday. It's kinda corny but that's what happens at 4 in the morning. Koki loves comments...especially on when it's his birthday.

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This is end result of lack of sleep and pent up creative energy,lol. Koki, Kame, Gackt and Hyde loves comments...they cuddle more as a result.

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I was kinda bored so....outta my boredom came these.... ( some were made a while ago and I never got around to posting them, gomen na)

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Like the title says.

Koki's favorite pillow:

Koki stop trying to jump him in public,lol.

bridal style:

KoKame hugs, Kawaii. 1,2

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Not really related but does anyone where these are from?

Final spam for part 1:

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I just got done making this:

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I was going to some more KoKame spam today.....but since i came down with a cough and a sore throat, not to mention a headache to boot. I am so glad that I am off tomorrow.Though now since I went trhough my pic library I realized that I may have to do two parts of Koki's touching obsession with his boyfriend. But I will post a pic this though:


This pic is very kawaii!!

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While I try and figure out what direction to take the nxt chapter about some koki and Kame spam.

And I still want to know what ep of CKT Kat-tun this was taken from.....

Kame's one of Koki's bunnies now....kawaii!!

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Yeah, so we're supposed to be getting new uniforms for work and these new ones are really nice looking. Our new hats are going to be military style, which I am soooo going to be rockin that one and the new hoodies that we might be able to order as well. We have new coats and shirts as well, the coats are a beast that's for sure. Well, let's just say that I won't be embarresed to wear my BK uniform that's for sure. Now, for the fun part.....

KoKame spam time,lol.


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