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I made this Koki one on my ipod. XD

Koki )

The Two Kame ones I made for a friend since she wanted a new Kame wallie.

Kame 1 )

Kame 2 )
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Does anyone know where I can find the eng subbed version of when Koki appeared on K8's show?


Jul. 8th, 2012 12:56 pm
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Koki ( New York Shop 2007) 

* Pic belongs to Redina....Don't steal!*
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I haven't done a macro in a long while and when I saw this Koki pic on tumblr....the look in his inspired me as only Koki can do. XD

I made this Kame graphic a while ago:

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Random Koki walliedownarrow

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Loving the pink/black glove, Baby! My Hubby so happy to help his boyfriend Kame-chan heart1 thumbsup

I love his smile!! heart1

Such a helpful Nii-chan to Juri thumbsup

Credits to redina who without her...I wouldn't have these XD heart1:DD:DD
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Does anyone have working files for Koki's drama "Tenshi ga Kieta Machi" the subbed version? Not all the files work on JOR and the only other place I found it has files that don't work and aren't compatible with the JOR working files. I really want to watch this but I didn't think to to grab it when MU was still around.  teardrop heartbreak
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So I'm finally getting around to posting this...But I got my hubby Koki for my birthday...err....sort of. My sister bought me these on ebay for my birthday.  !! heartyeyes!!

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Does anyone have the subbed version of the whole episode of Shounen Club - 07/02/2006 :(

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Koki Tanaka then:  ( ignore Pi) XD

Koki Tanaka Now

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I want this show with subs please XD. ( Koki + tea party= amusement)

His calming smile just for the hell of it XD

Credit for screen shots are on the pics themselves. Not mine XD
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Just for the hell of it....CHAIN!KOKI

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Why does my hubby have to be so adorable? XD

That smile makes me feel calm every time I see it

I never get tired of his 'dangerous' look

He's too hot for his own good. Koki mouthing the string...I approve :-)

And for Kame's birthday, I wrote a KoKame one-shot in honor of his special day. Happy Birthday Turtle-chan!! :-)

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Koki at MousePeace XD

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I love this prime ape <3 momo-chan<3

Prairie Dogs are just adorable <3 Pu-chan <3

Foxes are just....can I have one? <3 Ann-chan <3

These cute kids have such a good looking daddy ^_^

* the pics of three of Koki's pets came from a google search, these ARE NOT the shots that were entrusted to me*


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