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Who would have thought I would post something that wasn't Kat-tun, Jin, Gackt or Hyde related, I sure didn't and yes, I even surprise myself sometimes...who knew *shrugs* Now, on to the actual point of this post, so I was trolling youtube...again and I found this old video of Super Junior on some show and they had to play the Kissing Game. I have played this game before ( yes i was sober and bored) and its not as easy as it sounds...surprisingly. But its great to play when you're drunk ( yes,I did this while drinking as well) as its even harder...

This was just disappointing why did Hironorikun have to stop them, not a big Ryo and Uchi fan ( namely Ryo) but even I felt cheated on this one :(

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I found this and wanted to share it, ne..ENJOY!!

I enjoyed this episode of CKKT alot for some strange reason,lol

clickitty click to see their results )

I am not all that surprised by KoKame's results and I just LOL'd at Maru's and Jin's. Whereas Ueda's and Junno's didn't come as all that great of a shock to me {snort}  Comments are welcomed and loved by the residents of this pages---> KoKame :)
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I get bored really quickly for some reason,lol...idk. anyway...

The Usagi Lord says "click here" to him in all his Usagi glory )

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I made another Koki video, I just I wish I more video to use...oh well... enjoy anyway...

This way to my new koki video, if I can stop from windows from acting up I can go back to using it instead of my dvd suite program )

Kokame loves comments
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As the title says, I was thinking about koki, not really sure why, and various other things. So to distract myself from alot of what I was thinking I decided to focus on Koki and this video was wound being the end result. Enjoy and KoKame loves comments as this their house after all....

video was too big to fit on my page properly....I hate it when that happen...*sighs* Oh well )

My very first Kame video was the same way, so that being said, any videos I post that are too big to fit properly...I'll just post the youtube link and you follow it there.
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I soooo can not stop watching this video


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