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This is what happens when you have been watching videos with Koki in them and listening to rap music for two solid weeks straight. Enjoy! ^^

P.S. His Highness just adores comments as long as they are nice and not done anonymously, thanks.

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this one I had to do twice since WMM was being a jerk

This one I made out of boredom, but if you watch it in full screen view it may do something rather odd so I suggest you don't

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I was bored yesterday and this was born of my bordom..

this way to the turtle )
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As the title says, I was thinking about koki, not really sure why, and various other things. So to distract myself from alot of what I was thinking I decided to focus on Koki and this video was wound being the end result. Enjoy and KoKame loves comments as this their house after all....

video was too big to fit on my page properly....I hate it when that happen...*sighs* Oh well )

My very first Kame video was the same way, so that being said, any videos I post that are too big to fit properly...I'll just post the youtube link and you follow it there.
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I soooo can not stop watching this video

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My mood is borderline irritating at this point, not so much as to the reason why, as it's the sheer fact that I can't change it.

Okay spam time. This song so fits the myuoto pair...well at least one of the songs that fit them anyway.

Now as much as I love KoKame and I know that Koki would never do anything to hurt Kame on purpose, but I am sorry this is just too funny. Oh and this for the Akame fans out their who miss the eye rolling Akame moments. *ducks from flying tomatoes*

Everytime I watch this I swear my nose bleeds, and I can't stop being giggly and smiling all the time,lol. Which makes people think there is something wrong with me....more so than usual anyway.

Pic time.

Guess where Koki's looking

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I found this fan vid of Koki to Lady gaga's song Starstruck. Enjoy!


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